About Us

Who We Are..?

Advanced Agricultural Systems LLC., a company established in 1987 to serve the people of United Arab Emirates to assist them with innovative ideas in the field of landscape and agriculture. Advanced Agriculture with strong support from its valuable clientele has achieved this goal of fulfilling the vision of its founder Mr.Zuhair Abul Adeeb to serve the people of United Arab Emirates in making the desert bloom.

Advanced Agriculture’s dedicated staff feel pleasure in guiding its customers and briefing them with the modern technologies and methods for achieving full satisfaction in their ventures in the landscape and agricultural field – whether it is food for people, fodder for animals or beautiful gardens and parks for the citizens – all in time and within the budget.


Our mission

Advanced Agriculture is conscious and give top attention on the unique and special requirements of each and every client by adopting modern technologies and cost saving practices in the fields of landscape and irrigation fields. It is our mission to give the same importance to all our projects regardless of the size. We believe, through meeting with the client, architects and in coordination with the construction team, we can achieve a true expression of the client’s needs and values. We also ensures that we recruit professional staff and construction personnel with an extensive range of experience in order to maintain the utmost quality of work. As your result, we enjoy an extra ordinary record of repeat clients and an exemplary repetition.

Core value

Sustainability - Advanced Agricultural systems LLC  has vast experience in the design, construction, Maintenance of landscape and Irrigation works over the last three decades and have executed a large number of prominent projects and it is our privilege to remain on top of this fields by offering our services to all governmental departments, H.H.Palaces, VIP Clientele and other private organization.

Quality – Building excellent.
Safety – No task is so important that we cannot find a safe wait to do it.
Integrity – We do the right thing for our customers and employees.

Our Vision

Advanced Agricultures vision is to provide his clients the highest possible standard quality and service in the construction industry giving clients the best satisfaction the company can offer.

  • Advanced Agricultural System LLC is specialized in:

    ► Design, installation and maintenance of irrigation system
    ► Design, installation and maintenance of landscape works
    ► Construction of Green Houses
    ► Specialized landscape features as per client’s requirement.
    ► Construction of Multi-purpose sport pitches.
    ► Football grounds.
    ► Children’s Play Equipment
    ► Water and Fountain Features
    ► Garden Lightings
    ► Wooden Works & Street Furniture
    ► Gardens and other leisure places
    ► Agricultural Farms
    ► Hard Landscape Works

    Advanced Agriculture uses modern techniques and innovative ideas in irrigation technology to make the desert bloom and provide optimum conditions for healthy plant life on a permanent basis. Advanced Agriculture also own a fleet of modern machineries and skilled operators to keep the lawn in perfect condition and have a real in depth knowledge of trees, plants and flowers.Advanced Agriculture employ highly qualified technical and dedicated staff to ensure the best possible services to the community.